Online Preparatory Training for IBF

Course Description :
Despite the efforts of the National Meteorological and Hydrological Service (NMHSs) to provide accurate and timely warning information to protect lives and livelihoods in the region from the impacts of hydro-meteorological extreme events, extreme weather events have resulted in adverse impacts due to lack of clarity and relevance to specific decision contexts. Changing vulnerability and exposure profiles due to human habitation and climate change act to amplify impacts. These dimensions necessitate a transition from traditional public weather services to IBFs on a continuum of lead-times that range from hours to decades. This requirement is essential to maintain NMHSs relevance and utility to societies. IBF, therefore, is a priority for NMHSs in the region and is now being actively supported the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and other development partners.

The Working Group (WG) of SAHF responsible for developing and implementing a strategy to enable South Asia NMHSs to make full use of ensemble prediction and impact-based forecasting (IBF) methods using the latest guidance from WMO, experience of leading centers and successful use-cases demonstrated in the region.

Objective: To provide the fundamentals of IBF
Participants: All participants nominated for Basic and Mid-level IBF must attend and complete the course
Participant profile: NMHSs and sector participants from DRR & Agriculture



Topic: Introductory Training on Impact Based Forecasting (IBF)
Start: Monday, January 16, 2023 13:30
Duration: 3 hours 0 minutes
Current Timezone: Asia/Bangkok

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