SAHF Implementation Framework

SAHF Executive Council

The Executive Council is the decision-making body, which develops strategic plans and direction for SAHF. The Executive Council plays a leadership role in steering the implementation of the SAHF Program to Support South Asia Regional Development in Operational Forecasting and Service Delivery.

Working Groups

Each Working Group consist of one nominated expert from each of the nine SAHF countries to assess capacity needs and build synergy for regional benefits in four thematic areas.

The Four Thematic Areas

Impact Based Forecasting

Transitioning from traditional meteorological and hydrological forecasting to impact based forecasting is a priority to ensure that NMHSs remain relevant to their stakeholders, responders and civil societies. 

Numerical Weather Prediction

Given the increasing  dependence on NWP to build state of the art early warning services & concurrently build  upscaling mechanisms to adopt rapid advances of NWP in advanced centers, all the  countries in South Asia need to position themselves to take full advantage of the rapidly  evolving service delivery enhancement technology systems.

Observational Networks

Observations are a critical component of skilful forecasts ranging from large scale  measurements that provide the initial conditions for global NWP with crowdsourced data  that can be used to verify an impact-based forecast for a specific sectorial group of users.

Capacity Building

Skilled human capital backed by an in-service competency enhancement mechanism is  needed to improve and sustain NMHSs enhanced service delivery needs.