Project Objectives

The intent of the South Asia Hydromet Forum project is

  • To create conditions that all developing countries have the opportunity to provide a level of service that protects the lives, livelihoods and economic opportunities of citizens at least as well as the most advanced societies.
  • To ensure NMHS are in a position to embrace modern approaches to numerical prediction and ensemble predictions 
  • To enable NMHS to provide valuable information about the likelihood of an event, and coupled with information on the potential impacts, provide users with warnings of the severity risks

The key objectives at the core of the SAHF project are

  • To establish an institutional mechanism to mainstream all the capacity building needs of NMHS through SAHF and addressing it systematically through tailor-made training programs and to enable NMHS to deliver reliable forecast products and services.
  • Improving NMHS capacity to generate reliable climate information for short and medium term (i.e., 3 days to 10 days to monthly to seasonal time scale) and translate the products for sectoral application.
  • Improving shorter range NWP services covering a period from days to weeks as well as using EPS products. This will be the basis for generating impact-based forecast in combination with vulnerability information at sub national levels. This will bring synergy for the longer-term climate change information which will drive the CARE data platform. This will be an effective mechanism which shall support decision making and planning in seamless manner in sectoral agencies pertaining to climate resilience.