Day 1 (26th September 2022)
Indian Standard Time (IST)Agenda ItemResource Person
Moderator for Day 1: Dr. Anshul, RIMES
12:30-13:20Inaugural Session
12:30Welcome Remarks & Inaugural Address: Dr. Mrutyunjay Mohapatra, Director General of Meteorology, IMD
12:50Remarks:, Ms. Anahit Hovsepyan, WMO
13:00Remarks:, Dr. G. Srinivasan,RIMES
13:05Vote of thanks: K.S. Hosalikar, Head Climate Services, RCC, Pune
13:10Participants Introduction
Seasonal Prediction of South Asia for October to December (OND) Season: Country Perspectives
Session I : (Country-level predictions for OND 2022 and/verification of 2021 forecast)Moderator : Dr. Satyaban B. Ratna, RCC, IMD
Session Chair : Shri. Hosalikar, IMD
13:20-13.30Afghanistan10 minutes each
14:40-14:50Sri Lanka
14:50-15:00Discussion on Seasonal Forecast for Tropical Cyclone
Session II : Seasonal Prediction of South Asia for OND Season 2022: Global and Regional Perspectives
Session Chair: Dr. Srinivasan, RIMES
15:20-15:30TCC, JMADr.T akashi Yamada,
15:30-15:40WMO LRFMME lead Center, KMADr. Hyun-Ju Lee
15:40-15:50RCC, IMD, PuneDr. Satyaban B. Ratna,
15:50-16:00UKMODr. Andrew Colman
16:00-16:10IRIDr. Bohar Singh
16:10-16:30Open Discussion about Seasonal Forecast for OND Season 2022 over South Asia
Day 2 (27th September 2022)
Moderator for Day 2:, RCC, IMD
Session Chair : Dr. Pattanaik, IMD
12:30Preparation of Consensus Outlook for OND 2022 SeasonDr. O. P. Sreejith, RCC, IMD, Pune
12:30-12:45Pre-Consensus outlook for OND Season 2022 Draft Presentation and Discussion
12:45-13:30Discussion on OND SASCOF outlook
Session III: Improvements and updates in seasonal forecast
13:30-13:50Operational S2S products available from Global Centers for South Asia:Dr. Pattanaik
13:50-14:10Experimental Tropical Cyclone Seasonal Forecast over NIODr. Sabeer Ali, RCC, Pune
14:10-14:30Machine Learning based experimental probabilistic seasonal forecast for the Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FWWS NET) for the OND Season.Dr. Nachiketa, NOAA
14:30-15:00Open Discussion
Day 3: (28th September 2022) Finalizing the Consensus Statement and Communication through Emails
Day 4 : Climate Services Users Forum (CSUF) (29th September 2022)
Moderator for Day 4: Dr. Tamara James, UK Met Office
Session IV :Interpreting Consensus Outlook for OND 2022 Season
12:30-12:45Presentation of SASCOF-23 Consensus OutlookDr. O. P. Sreejith, RCC, IMD, Pune
12:45-13:05Application of seasonal outlook for flood forecasting and drought monitoring: current status and future requirements in South AsiaMs. Upeakshika Bandara, RIMES
13:05-13:25Research and development efforts to test the application of seasonal outlook and forecast products in Agriculture: experiences from pilot fields in BangladeshMr. Asif Udin Bin Noor, RIMES
13:25-13:45Climate Services Toolkit customization at national level: supporting interface for dissemination and application of sub-seasonal forecast productsMs. Monju Shubha, NCHM, Bhutan
13:45-14:00Presentation on 2022 Pakistan Flood (PMD, Pakistan)
Session V : Application/New Products for Climate Service for South Asia
Session Chair : Dr. Pulak Guhathakurta, RCC, Pune
14:10- 14:30Use of climate data in understanding the mosquito-borne disease outbreaksDr. Rajib Chattopadhyay, RCC, Pune
14:30- 14:50Impact Outlook developed for South Asia region: experiences, challenges, and way forwardDr. Sanjay Srivastava, UNESCAP
14:50- 15:00New Dashboard for Drought Monitoring for South Asia Dr. Giriraj Amarnath, IWMI
15:00 -15:20Open Discussion: Discussion on SASCOF-23 Outlook and Opportunity for questions by user sector representatives from countries and regional agencies.
15:30Closing Remarks by K. S. Hosalikar, RCC, IMD
Close of SASCOF-23 & CSUF